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Rat caused by infertility 

Recently, the Department of Intellectual Property of China has granted a patent for a new type of rodenticide based on the principle of male mice ... infertility.

New rodenticide products Fuzhou University Professor Ye Wenhu application, permanent member of Association of Chinese genes. According to Professor Ye Wenhu, the main component of the drug is tripterygium wilfordii, a traditional medicine should be appetizing aroma mouse. After eating, male rats will produce less sperm and finally become sterile.


Prof. Ye Wenhu said, this is the most economical way rat and is not harmful to humans. Tested at 47,000 households and 5,600 plants in Huangpu District of Shanghai shows, mouse densities were reduced by 30% after three months and down 88% after one year.
Type the new rat was allowed to be sold in Australia. Some other countries, such as Vietnam, Canada, India and the U.S. also ordered the drug. Rats cause damage to forests, grasslands, food storage, and transmission of disease. The statistics show that each year about 25 billion kg rats fed grain in China, enough to feed 100 million people.
The current type of rat poison is very toxic to humans but it is visually attractive so easy to think that kids candy. According to the Association of poison control centers in the U.S., last year more than 50,000 children under 6 years old in this country has been poisoned by eating rat poison.


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