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Rat by bacteria 

Since December, the city health sector will implement the campaign in rat biological methods in 200 locations considered "center" of rats living.

Dr. Le Truong Giang, deputy director of the HCM City Department of Health, said the campaign was not used rodenticide zinc phosphide as the previous type, which uses a special type of bacteria called Biorat (preparations of Cuba) to put into the food, to cause the mouse typhoid. Until now, studies, surveys show that only bacteria pathogenic to mice, no harm to people and other animals. After ingestion, the mouse will get sick, but not dead but two, died three days later. During that time, we will spread, causing an "epidemic" of living mice for both men and makes them die-off. This bacterium has been put to use rat poison in a number of hospitals in recent years.
Dr. Nguyen Dac Tho, deputy director of the Preventive Medical Center HCMC, said the center is planning to send rodenticides Health Department. Accordingly, the rat by biological methods will be implemented in the marketplace, yards, warehouses, factories, administrative agencies; attacks manhvao priority markets, factories and administrative centers (130 location) ... Preliminary cost estimates for the "campaign" is up to almost 2 billion, of which about 1.5 billion of drug money, and the rest for the dead mouse carcass disposal ... Determination mouse will be buried carefully, not to pollute the environment and affect human health.

 According to Dr Jiang, Department of Health will try to kill the rats done in December next, or at least in the dry season to finish, not to extend the season year by wet environment the risk of transmitting germs spread when dead mouse.
Although no specific figures but the economic damage caused by rats every year in the city. It also causes damage to sanitation and human health, particularly leading to plague.


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