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Cockroach from the scent of cockroaches 

Researchers have discovered a cockroach perfume created to seduce the guy. Research could open up a new way to eliminate annoying insects in the family.

Up to now still no effective way to eradicate cockroaches toxic insecticides so is the only weapon, author Coby Schal at the University of North Carolina, U.S., said.

Cockroaches generally forage around human waste and food animals as well, so we carry all kinds of bacteria. They cause asthma and allergies in people, especially children and the elderly. German cockroaches, Blatella Germanica, is the most common and most difficult to control.

Like many other insects, cockroaches that emit a captivating scent when they are ready to mate. Typically, once "out of" give children enough sperm reserves and laying out a bunch of eggs for a lifetime without mating again. When estrus age, children would stand on a raised surface in the night, Lift up and smell it emits. Males will take a moment to look.


For years now, scientists could not figure out that her online store and German cockroaches emit scent. At the same time, the signals sent to the animal, the amount of chemicals that are also too small to be detected and isolated.

Schal and colleagues have found that chemicals after thousands of tests on laboratory cockroach in North Carolina. They named this flavor is "blatellaquinone". It has been synthesized and tested chemicals on male cockroaches. The bug I enjoyed it, the scientists said.

According Schal, lured by the scent of the trap will not be scanned books the entire population of cockroaches, but they can help to detect and track the insects, especially in places where only a child alone is too terrible , such as the operating room, where the food processor or school.

Schal said that complement the flavors that have insecticide bait will help reduce the population of cockroaches domino effect. 2-3 days after ingestion of bait, cockroaches will die. During that time, they can transfer pesticides to other human faeces.

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