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Can trap and kill flies against 

According to the Institute of Malaria, Parasites & insects, people can do many kinds of traps kill flies. Time for the harsh life of flies (winter, when rain and wind) it is time flies low density, the result will be greater.

Use egg freezing trap flies
Clean sweep for flies and no place to lay eggs. Put egg freezing traps where flies high density (market, the restaurants) to attract flies that lay eggs on the freeze, and recover the egg boiling water burned or flushed. The eggs of seven bottles, mouth rounded box (can be used cup jackfruit seeds), set up the manhole cone. Put 1 teaspoon of coffee in milk or water to bran porridge attractive female lays flies. Public land about 8-9h, 17h recall about, every day each port can be tens of thousands of eggs collected (1 ml = 6,000 eggs).
Plastic traps flies
These can be prepared according to composition: Resin (2gr), vegetable oil (2gr), sugar or bile ((7gr), water (10gr). Simmer to melt and pour turpentine oil, water and bile ducts to stir up. Spread epoxy on pieces of cardboard, put in place to bring focus to trap flies and flies.
Another way: 12 grams of resin, vegetable oil 6gr, fat machine 2gr investigation. Simmer for resin flow, pour oil into the grease and stir. Spread plastic stick pieces of cardboard, paper strips (5 x 40cm) or hemp fiber (40cm) soaked in epoxy. Bring placed or hung in places where flies stay focused parked at night to trap them. Just 5-10cm2 hanging barbed wire or 1 1 paper tape. When the density of flies thick on the plastic burned canceled.
Curtains are inhibited flies and other insects. For infants, use baby taken against flies.

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