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The world has discovered the 32,000 species in the set. Body size from small to large. Facial bristle head shape, the feathers, the thread. There are 3 single eye or not. Sucking mouth short, segmented hose and grow in the back of the head.

There are two wings, front wings are wings chitin membranes or weak, trailing wing membrane is a little shorter than the forewings. Some species have a simple circuit membrane wings or no wings. When not flying off the roof put on his back. 13 feet from burning. Females usually spawn tube was developed. The species of this pesticide in their children later in life and most live in the soil in the tree and each species usually only sucking in certain parts of some plants. Sucking plant them often grow poorly developed, barren trees sometimes die. Some species of aphids create warts or spread the diseases. In this set of 3 common to them later Cicadidae, Aphididae Aphids tube, Coccidae aphids.


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