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Insects just enough fear death 

The Canadian researchers said that, in the presence of a predator can cause enough stress to kill prey, even when predators do not actually catch and eat their prey, according to news agency UPI.

Expert Group of the University of Toronto said their findings could apply to all organisms facing a certain stress level.

"How prey respond to the fear of being eaten is an important topic in ecology, and we already know a lot about these reactions affect the interaction between prey and hunt animals bait like "evolutionary biologist Locke Rowe said.

  In an experiment, newborn dragonfly larvae reared in tanks. Some are kept separate, and the rest are kept together in tanks where they can see and smell the scent of predators, though animals can not really eat them.

"What we found is surprising, many dragonflies died when predators shared their habitat with," Mr. Rowe said.

Larvae face predatory fish or insects have lower survival rates 2.5 to 4.3 times higher than larvae not in such circumstances.

And then 11% of fish larvae were faced with death when they try to transform into the adult stage, compared to only 2% in the larvae of fish-free environments.

"We have a new birth of dragonflies to go through metamorphosis stages to become adults, and found that the child grew up around predators likely failed to complete the process transform higher, and often died while undergoing this process, "he stressed.

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