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Fossils and evolution of insects 

The relationship of the insect groups remains unclear. Although it is said that the same group of insects with many legs (millipedes & centipedes). The evidence showed that insects have relationships with crustaceans. Fossil insects found throughout Carbon century, about 350 million years ago. These include several types of current and extinct species of larger insects living today. There are few data on the primitive flying insects because the earliest insects wings were capable of flying. Today the field is believed to bring change due to the high levels of insects and a few have a small pair of wings attached to the chest fired first and so it will have a total of 3 pairs of wings.

Permian, 270 million years ago, has witnessed the prosperous development of insect groups and many extinct groups and the extinction event at the Permian period - Trias, the largest extinction in Earth's history . The wing membrane species most successful in adapting Cretaceous but diversified in the Cenozoic era.

Many insects have developed today from the New Birth. In this period we find insects in amber protected, a perfect condition and easy to compare with the present species. Scientific study fossil insects called paleoentomology.

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