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Ants - insects oldest living planet 

Ants are insects oldest still exist on our planet. For over 100 million years of Earth's surface, insects barely more evolved than our ancestors.

One of the main reasons ants barely evolved over more than 100 million years because they possess an ideal body composition. This has helped us not only adapted to climatic conditions vary, but can also proliferate with increasingly large numbers.

Knowledge is one of the world's strongest species. Reasonable body structure allows them to be able to "carry" a heavy body weight more than 100 times. Digestive system is also helping them become one of the most omnivorous world. The main thing to keep them from starving while other species become extinct because of a very simple reason for all the grass!

Organizing social nature and the "laws" draconian also one of the factors that helped ants to survive during 100 million years ago. A worker ants will be punished and become food for the return of the many times if that does not earn anything. However, the ants were injured during the fight for food or to be treated very "nice" though unable to bring food to the nest.

The new study also shows that not all ants are "love labor" diligent and hard working. Actually only 80% of the individuals in a colony can perform tasks nesting, foraging. The rest is considered his "idle". Even when scientists isolated 80% "hard" to the "lazy" does not want the other hand the real truth. Can we have the old and the age of "retirement" or due to congenital laziness!


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