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Over 8 years to build and grow, the company offers professional services, supplies and equipment to control pests in Vietnam leading. With the knowledge, expertise and experience

Pest, which is an incalculable danger to the economic and social development, environmental protection and human health. Termite damage to buildings, transportation, and architecture and culture. Weevil destroy the food. Mosquitoes transmit the culprit dengue and malaria. Flies are the source of infection of disease dangerous gut. Ants attack many kinds of plants, animals and humans. The other insects such as locusts, grasshoppers, mites, worms, butterflies also bring great harm to human life. In addition, mice - which are not insects, but they are also rodents is one of the major risk to destroy the crops, house clearance, clothing, property and resources are spread dangerous diseases - including the plague.
Pest control service, rodents damage the company's information released over the years just to help you the most effective prevention against insects, rodents destructive above.
Services eradicate termites - termites and other pests include the following basic types:

Prevention - Eliminating Termites the Agency, Hotel, Apartment, School, Library, Bookstore, factories, warehouses, yards, residential, Temple, Temple, Church, Irrigation Projects (dikes, canals ...) => eradicate the root relationship.
Foundation treatment (relationship) for upcoming projects, and will work to ensure construction safety facilities bond being attacked after the completion of works and commissioning.
Processed agricultural products, timber and other weevil.
Disinfection, handling insects, pests such as flies, mosquitoes, Cockroaches, Ants, Mice, Pigeons, catbird ... in many optimization methods to achieve the highest efficiency.
Specializing in providing chemicals, machinery and specialized equipment.

Working Principle of Company Information:

Survey, consulting, design a plan to eliminate, prevent, priced according to customer requirements => completely free.
Check periodically, to advise the best prevention measures.
Warranty, the best customer care.


The drug companies are using Thongtin permission of authorities does not cause harmful side effects to people, do not affect public health and the environment.
Information is always priority, using the new equipment in, the most advanced.
With a team of technical experts, experienced chemical, regular training and updating knowledge and new methods in the advanced countries.

Please thank the attention of agencies, departments, businesses and families in all parts of the country has been and will support, enabling us to apply insect control measures insect, rodents destroy a most effective way, the safest and most economical!


Here\'s my Clover weevil. Obviously a very old man, he\'s completely bald.   We can not determine at this yet, so for the time being, we can only show you the image without further ...
In armor is just a slit to allow live animals: the mouth, through which food is absorbed, the excretion hole in the back to get rid of useless things and trachea, open a small, usually on both sides ...
Ant species baby small is so but pulse around them always have very many dangerous stalking, such as species Caterpillars blue, a threat of species of ants! Caterpillars green Larvae of ...